Sharilyn Johnson

Ignite – All In One Search

Client: Rogers // Agency: Critical Mass // Date: 2019 // Medium: Banner ads
Someday I’ll have a whole “graveyard” section of my portfolio to show off dead projects that I liked. Here’s a taste.

The brief: “People are confused about the benefit of the all-in-one search feature. We need multiple versions of banner ads that communicate more information than should ever be included in a three-frame animation. Focus on “family movie night.” And we need to present these tomorrow.”

Okay, they didn’t brief it in exactly like that. But it was one of “those” nights.

Rogers – a major Canadian media company – had been using “search seamlessly” as a value prop, which I believed was worth evaluating. I proposed testing “fully integrated” against it in one of the three concepts, which each illustrated the benefit of the search function in a different way.

The result: Instant approval. I was told the brand manager was ecstatic, and walked the halls of Rogers HQ showing this off to everyone who’d listen.

Just as quickly, the project was “put on hold.”

It was a fun 36 hours, though!

Concept A
Concept B
Concept C