Sharilyn Johnson

Fake News Fangirl

Personal Project  //  Date: 2011–2014 //  Medium: Stage show



I’m not an actor, but somehow I ended up on stage for an hour, 40 times over.

I wrote, self-produced, and performed this solo storytelling show at Fringe festivals across Canada: in Victoria, Winnipeg, Toronto, London, and Hamilton.

I have a fascination with fandom and fan cultures. I once crashed an academic conference focused on fan studies, which I think makes me a fan fan? 

I had stories to tell from my own experience navigating Daily Show fandom, which together laddered into an over-arching tale about creativity and identity. I knew I could make the subject universal for anyone who’s ever been told they’re a little “too into” something. 

This project was the toughest challenge I’ve ever taken on. It exhausted me financially, physically, and mentally. I don’t regret a minute of it.