Sharilyn Johnson

Cineplex Preshow

If you show up before the trailers start, you’ll see Cineplex’s own content spots which promote special presentations and celebrate movie-going.

2020 Oscars

As the authority on all things movies, we wanted to give our guests a leg up on their 2020 Oscar predictions.

I explained five categories and represented all the frontrunners — without explicitly picking my favourites.

Flashback Films

Cineplex’s regular Flashback Film series brings mainstream classics back to theatres.

But why this movie? Why see it in a theatre?

To answer those questions and get more butts in seats, we leveraged context.

I set the film up within the world it was created for, and then focused on its importance within the context of film history.

Family Favourites

We had been promoting our Saturday morning $2.99 movies with rapid-fire trivia spots that weren’t connecting with finicky kids and distracted parents.

The new approach connected with parents first: I drilled down into a single fact about the movie, and drove home the value of seeing it together with their kids (in the theatre, of course).