Sharilyn Johnson

2021 Canadian Screen Awards

Client: Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television //  Agency: Freelance  //   Date: 2021

The Team: Nick Coyle and Chara Ho (in-house designers)

2021 CSAs

The brief: The Academy wanted a catchy headline to promote 2021’s online-only edition of the CSAs. This would be primarily for their digital OOH campaign in five cities, and be adapted for social posts.

The approach: I wanted to take a patriotic angle, but avoid the begging please-do-your-duty-and-watch vibe that often plagues Canadian content promotion. This was a time to have confidence.

I realized the first round of the NHL playoffs would compete with the show, and teams in key markets would likely be playing. I addressed it head-on. For Quebec audiences, we translated it to “The best trophy…” to avoid negative associations among separatists.

The client was limited to using only Academy-owned photography, and had a strong desire to localize the ads. We did five versions, each featuring a nominee hailing from the city it ran in.

Where to Watch

Partnering with Telefilm, The Academy’s digital OOH buy was partially earmarked for their Where to Watch initiative. Where to Watch is a curated microsite that helps users find Canadian content on various streaming services.

Promoting a url in digital OOH required something attention-grabbing. Much to my pleasure, both the Academy and Telefilm loved this cheeky nod to Schitt’s Creek’s final season.