Sharilyn Johnson


I wouldn’t claim to have public speaking skills if I couldn’t back ’em up. 

Fun fact: I had paralyzing stage fright well into adulthood, when I was talked into doing standup in front of a packed club. Turns out, being scared becomes rather addictive once you realize you won’t literally die if you screw up in front of a bunch of people. Here’s some of the other scary stuff I’ve done (and not completely screwed up): 


In 2007 I went to New York to do my 101 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and to this day brag that my teachers were Lennon Parham and Bobby Moynihan. 

I’m a graduate of both Bad Dog Theatre’s Short Form Studio and the Second City Toronto Longform Conservatory program (the latter through which I became a founding member of Pepperoni Pizza Cats).

I’ve performed in a handful of shows around Toronto, including the popular narrative series Bellevilleville

FAQ: So, kinda like Whose Line? 



Standup comedy was to be one-time only, to appease all the local Winnipeg comics itching to see me up there. Somehow it went well, so I kept at it for a bit — but it wasn’t a match, and I wasn’t invested enough to surrender myself to the grind.

Shortly after I moved to Toronto I shifted to storytelling, and have performed on notable shows including MothUPRaconteursFireside Tales, and Blast from the Past. 

I toured my hour-long solo storytelling show, Fake News Fangirl, across Canada on the Fringe circuit. 

FAQ: So storytelling shows just less funny versions of standup shows? 

Shh, who told you?



Not the birthday party kind or the evil kind.

With my partner Chae Aitchison, I performed broad physical comedy for adult audiences and in the Toronto Festival of Clowns at the massively popular Lunacy Cabaret — where I fulfilled my childhood dream of having a pie fight in a real circus. Yeah, I was a weird kid. Not much has changed.

FAQ: Okaaaay… why the hell would anyone want to be clown? 

I mean, YOU try coming up with a better excuse to own neon pink Doc Martens.