Rogers Ignite — All In One Search

Client: Rogers // Agency: Critical Mass // Date: 2019 // Medium: Banner ads

It's a classic story…

The brief:

"People are confused about the benefit of the all-in-one search feature. We need multiple versions of banner ads that communicate more information than should ever be included in a three-frame animation. Focus on "family movie night." And we need these for tomorrow."

Okay, they didn't brief it in exactly like that.

Rogers had been using "search seamlessly" as a value prop, which I believed was worth evaluating. I proposed testing "fully integrated" in one of the three concepts, which each illustrated the benefit of the search function in a different way. 

The result: Instant approval. I was told the brand manager was ecstatic, and walked the halls of Rogers HQ showing this off to everyone who'd listen. 

Just as quickly, the project was "put on hold." I still don't know if it ever ran. 

It was a fun 72 hours, though!  

Concept A
Concept B
Concept C